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Sports and leisure-time clubs

Sports clubs of the villages hold various competitions and tournaments – from football matches to darts competitions. Among the most favourite events are fishing competitions in Opatovice and Popovice. The contest is open to everyone who meets the requirements. Who wouldn’t want to catch a catfish of 195cm in length? Mr. Kolacek managed to do this in Opatovice in 1999. The latest information on these events can be found on the villages’ websites.

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics the shooting range belonging to Roman Kostelecky has become the most famous sports ground in the microregion. His brother, the gold medallist David Kostelecky practices here. Trap and skeet range is accessible for public from March to October on Thursdays and Sundays. Rifles can be rented here and visitors are supervised by an experienced coach. For more information, go to

Surprisingly enough, the Rajhrad Region has its own sports airstrip. The Plane Modellers’ Club from Brno has created an outstanding base in Holasice, where air shows and various competitions take place. The latest information and profiles of the pilots can be found on

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