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The Rajhrad Region and its traditions

The Rajhrad Region is situated at the north end of a typically South-Moravian folklore region. All the villages in the microregion are regular venues for traditional costume balls. The youth carefully practices folklore dances and everyone participates in the preparations of the traditional feast. The maypoles are erected and then everyone is invited to join the entertainment. These and many other traditions can be explored every year in Rajhrad (Elevation of the Saint Cross Day), Rajhradice (St. Scholastica’s Day) and in Loucka, too. Opatovice holds traditional feast on St. Charles’ Day and Holasice and Popovice have their feasts in October and November, respectively. A traditional fair is also annually held in Rajhrad – colourful costumes, brassy music and cheerful atmosphere bewitch everyone, a local or a stranger, a child or an old man.

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