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Make a stop in Opatovice

Opatovice has a very long history. After all, people lived here as early as in the Late Stone Age which is proved by many archaeological findings. Beginning in the mid-eleventh century, the history of Opatovice was inseparably connected to the one of the nearby monastery for eight hundred years. The church authority had its farming yard here already in 1405. The word Opatovice originates in the way people living here used to be called – Abbot’s (“opatovi”) people. This was a common way of calling villages that belonged to the church authorities and were in the use of an Abbot. The oldest record of the existence of Opatovice comes from 1349.

The village lies in a charming flat landscape southeast from Rajhrad. The views over the fertile fields, orchards and gardens to the monastery are fascinating. Not surprisingly, a cycling trail from Vienna to Brno crosses the village. Visitors can enjoy picnic sites, a nice restaurant and two ponds where fishing competitions are held regularly. A swimming pool is at a stone’s cast from the village, in Blucina. You can return from your trip along the Blucina trail towards Vojkovice and then along the Svratka river which will lead you back to the bridge between Rajradice and Rajhrad. .

Franti?ek Ho?ava

Významným rodákem obce je akademický socha? a malí? Franti?ek Ho?ava (1906–1974), jeho? díla zdobí galerie, ve?ejné i soukromé sbírky v ?eské republice i v zahrani?í. Ho?avou vytvo?ená socha prvního prezidenta republiky v nad?ivotní velikosti stojí nap?íklad u Základní ?koly TGM v Rajhrad?.

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