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Visit Rajhradice

As well as Rajhrad, Rajhradice was, quite extraordinarily, inhabited already in the prehistory. For instance, findings from the Iron Age ae very interesting, being parts of the Horakov culture. The presence of Romans during the restless time of Marcomannic Wars can be proved by finds from around the former granary. The very name of the village is old, too. It means "village of people who came from Rajhrad". Both Rajhradice and Loucka (the two villages merged in 1951) are mentioned in the chart of Bretislav I from 1048 when they were given to the newly established monastery in Rajhrad and thus became servile villages for centuries. As far as the archive documents go, Rajhradice is first mentioned in 1292, Loucka in 1349. From the early 15th century the monastery had an important farming yard here and since the 17th century the village has had an autonomous town hall. A Czech singer, Vlasta Redl, hasmade Rajhradice famous when he presented a song called „A te Rehradice" which was based on a traditional song that appeared in 1835 in the first collection by Frantisek Susil, a famous Czech traditional songs collector..

Rajhradice is, after Rajhrad, the second largest village in the microregion, being home to 1200 people. There is a number of active clubs – the Svratka Hunter's Asociation, Rajhradice Sports Association, civic association of Rajhradicka pohoda, and the Beekeepers' Club – and traditions are carefully maintained here – Rajhradice is the best of the villages in this regard. On the Passion Sunday girls „take out" Morana and on Easter Monday the whole village resounds with the sound of rattles announcing that „the bells have flewn to Rome" and that the boys have set off for the traditional "pomlazka" during which they visit girls and whip them with plaited sticks so that they stay young and healthy. Stanislav's, St. Scholastica's and Babske feasts are held here regularly. Rajhradice is gradually becoming a modern village with a big potential.

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