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Take a look at Holasice

The area of Holasice was inhabited as early as in the Bronze Age, i.e. 1800–1400 BC, as proved by archaeological findings originating in the Unetice culture. "Prague pottery" and Old-Slavic pottery was found here, as well as a later Old-Slavic pottery from the age of fortified settlements..

Holasice is first mentioned in the charter of the provost Mikulas in 1349 as a tithe village. There used to be an autonomous estate which allegedly served as a defence outpost protecting the monastery from the south. There is also an extensive basement which was built in the 13th century as a shelter and then again used by locals during the Thirty Years’ War and Napoleon’s campaign in Moravia. Some of its parts also served during the WWII, namely in 1945. The Red army met with a strong German resistance here which lasted for several days. The village, completely destroyed by the battle, was dubbed “Little Stalingrad” after the WWII. .

Holasice has been developing very swiftly lately. Many new houses grow here and remarkable companies choose the village for their business activities. The cultural and social life of the nine hundred of its inhabitants is very rich thanks to the activities of local clubs. Let us name for instance feasts, celebration of the liberation, theatre performances, masquarades, children’s days and others as well. There is also a renowned airstrip of the Plane Modeller’s Club from Brno and a shooting range belonging to Roman Kostelecky.
Kaspar Jan Kupec of Bilenberk
Kaspar Jan Kupec of Bilenberk (1655–1720) belongs to Holasice’s most important personalities. He accompanied counts of Kolowrat on longer journeys became the Czech secretary of the Court of Appeal in Prague in 1683. In 1698 he was ennobled and in 1708 he translated and published “New Torture and Capital Law for the Czech Kingdom, Moravian Margraviate and Silesian Principality”.

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