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Welcome to the Rajhrad microregion!

“The Rajhrad Region – the essence of South Moravia”

We are very pleased to welcome you to the culturally, historically and naturally unique locality. Before presenting you the magic and mystery of it, we will give you some basic information.

The alliance of municipalities called “Rajhrad microregion” spreads twelve kilometres south of Brno, in the floodplain of the Svratka river. It is a compact group of villages officially created on December 16, 2003 first as a union of Rajhrad, Opatovice and Popovice villages which were joined by Holasice and Rajhradice in 2007. Now the microregion has approximately 6,200 inhabitants living in the area of 27 square kilometres. With 225 people per square kilometre the population density is high above the country’s average. ив роше украина

The Rajhrad microregion lies on the border of Bobrava highlands and the lowland of Dyjskosvratecky uval. Most of the area is covered with fertile land, in the northern part there is a large pheasantry. Streams of the whole area are flanked with groves. ив роше каталог

The microregion is interweaved with a dense network of cycling trails (both signposted and not) which are very suitable also for small children and elderly people. You can explore not only famous architecture, but also significant landmarks, for example pools in Opatovice and a dam on the Svratka river in Popovice.

Interesting cultural events like concerts and exhibitions are held regularly in the Rajhrad Abbey as well as in other institutions on its premises, for instance in the Museum of Literature in Moravia, Rajhrad parish centre and in the District Archive of Brno-venkov District. Many cultural and sports events are held in other villages as well. Let us name for instance tennis tournaments, fishing competitions, football matches, children events, motorcycle rallies, balls and masquarades. There are sports grounds, football pitches and tennis courts (turning in ice-skating rinks for winter) in the villages.

The most significant cycling trail, intersecting the microregion from north to south, is the Greenway trail No. 4 Brno–Vienna (via Rajhradice and Opatovice) which is connected to “wine-lover trails” of Moravia. Amongst others are trail No. 404 Slavkov–Moravsky Krumlov (via Rajhradice and Rajhrad) and No. 5172 Zidlochovice–Moravsky Krumlov (via Holasice).

Dear friends, do not hesitate and come! одеяло купить киев цена

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